Skill and Passion Reunited

A poem about a person’s skill and passion in writing that were both gone. Now that they have returned, will they remain together forever?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A forgotten skill is hard to settle,

Bestow it, true love. It looks glacial.

A wrecked heart is tired of crying,

As the tears in the eyes. It stops from falling.

Yet, there’s always a rainbow after a rain,

Hope is there to clear the pain.

No matter how hard to forget the past.

A more deserving love comes in last.

One is named Skill and the other is Passion.

Both in pain but made a reunion.

But deep inside the feelings are true.

They earnestly whisper, “I Love You.”

Now Skill only wishes that Passion will stay.

’Cause Skill’s love grows every single day.

It wants to forget the things that made it cry,

They will both work hard and every day write.

Write what? About their merriment and aches.

Perhaps those experiences were not all mistakes.

Passion assures Skill is secured.

It promises to give it the best love it deserved.

Passion wants Skill so badly, does Skill want it too?

Skill said, “I need you this much, Passion that’s true!”

“I love you!” a cry from Passion’s heart.

Please say there’s “no again” to break it apart.

— JJ Sum

JJ Sum is a wife, mom of 3, and an online ESL tutor. Shares stories about life experiences as a mother and a wallflower and anything worthy to share.

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