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The Author’s Purpose

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When writing, the first thing we think about is, of course, our story. What story should I write today? On Facebook, we are asked, “What’s on my mind?”

We would always want our story to have an enticing headline followed by a convincing subtitle. …

SPOILER WARNING! Do not read if you have not watched it yet.

Squid Game is a South Korean 9-episode bloody drama series about mysterious, survival games that you can watch on Netflix. The series is all about competing in traditional and universal children’s games played in Korea years ago.

A poem about giving value to trivial things

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An eighty-two-year-old woman, struggling to breathe
Twenty-four hours of oxygen extended her life indeed
The next day was a gift of life.
For the first time, she could appreciate the sunlight.

The doctor released her soon, up from her death bed.
He gave her the hospital bill that made her life…

Though some sectors may be badly affected.

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Recently, my Chinese ESL students are sharing the good news with me. When they do this, I feel enlightened because it is not that common for me to learn something about what is really going on in China unless I intentionally read their news and current events.

I have listed…

Are we running out of time?

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A few days ago, on September 8th to be exact, Catholics commemorated the birthday of Mama Mary. Well, technically, there is no mention in the Bible about her birth date, however, Catholics have been celebrating Mother Mary’s birthday on September 8.

It is the Feast of the Nativity of the…

A come-back post

The photo is mine. I took this selfie before going out to get some groceries.😅

Hello, everyone! My name is JJ. Not really my real name but most of my relatives and close friends call me it.

I started writing on this platform several months ago. Admittingly, I am not a good writer but I am trying to work better every time. In fact, I…

And perhaps something better is in store for me.

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

So something despairing happened to me recently.
I blamed the troubles on myself because it confused me.
I wanted this dream project so badly.
I already believed it was going well and smoothly.

As a freelancer, losing a project is heartbreaking
sleepless nights and skipped meals are daring
To prepare me and…

Poetry about why a mother is strict

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

Candies, gummies, lollies, and chocolate
hotdogs, chips, junk snacks, and sweets.
All taste like rainbow yet, my kids don’t always get a bite.
Just a colorful imagination, think it’s a delight.

Pepsi or Coke, instead of fruit juices
I said, “Hey, first eat these egg sandwiches.”
“But Mom, our friends said colored…

Vaccine roll out in the Philippines update

Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash

On the 9th of July 2021, I received my first dose of the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine.

The whole process took about an hour. I and my husband arrived at the vaccination site at 11:00 AM. By the time we got there, we could hear a man making an announcement, “As…

They may be your luckiest charm as well.

from Pinterest by History

It is common to watch a witchcraft movie with cats alongside the witches. Yes, usually black cats.

At Halloween parties, feline-themed decors make them spooky.

Back in the middle ages, they were even worshipped like gods and goddesses. They were also worshipped by ancient Egyptians along with other animals. …

JJ Sum

A wife, mom of 3, & a TEFL certified tutor. I write about Mothering, Family, Relationships, Remote work topics, and Trending matters.

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