Please let me introduce myself.

“Everything happens for a reason.” — This is my motto in life. And I believe that there is somehow a good reason.. No, a great reason why I write and why here on Medium.

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How did I end up here on Medium?

I am from the Philippines. If you know it so well, you may be wondering how I got myself into the Medium Partner Program when Stripe is not available in my country. Well, a very generous and intelligent friend of mine who is also a Medium member found a way to help me use Stripe even if I am living in one of Stripe’s unsupported countries.

These are the words most of us usually want to hear after putting our best foot forward. “You did a good job!”

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Perhaps you are a loyal employee of a small company who, despite not getting a raise for many years, still buckles down. A friendless student who aced the final test. A patient online teacher who made it through a sarcastic student. A hardworking salesman who successfully closed a tough sale. A parent who burns the candle at both ends yet unappreciated. Or a mother hen who is always misunderstood. Different people, different walks of life. Yet, all just…

Pardon the pun because I will share with you my go-to avocado smoothie.

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One reason I get excited in May is that it is the start of the avocado season in my country. Avocado trees in my country fruit from May to September although we can still buy avocados in other months. They just become much cheaper during the fruit season.

Avocado is a nutriously superfood

Avocado is commonly eaten in salads and is a popular diet food because it is rich in fiber but low in sugar and carbohydrates. For this reason, we will not feel hungry for a certain number of hours.

Additionally, the lush green colored fruit is overflowing with healthy Omega 3 fatty acids…

And is it really Japanese people’s favorite time of the year?

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I am not Japanese and I do not reside in Japan either. However, in my eight years of having conversations with my Japanese students, they have been telling me that Golden Week is one of the holidays they look forward to most because it is one of the longest holidays for them.

Golden Week is a sequence of Japan’s national holidays that happen from around the last week of April to the first week of May. This time of the year is their opportunity to unwind and travel for many days especially for company workers and businessmen. This year’s golden…

SG is unquestionably organized and they look after their people very nicely. I hope my country does the same too. I don't know for sure as I have not been quarantined in a hotel.

You may have read or heard about the wonders of vinegar especially in cooking and disinfecting but you will be engrossed to know that vinegar has more uses than the two mentioned which can be a great help for mothers.

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As a work-from-home mother of three boys, I always have a busy daily routine. I need to finish a plethora and never-ending house chores. I must prepare my kids’ lessons for the day, get my job done in my home office, and a lot of other activities a mother needs to accomplish. Frustratingly, just like many other mothers, I am not a supermom who can manage to organize everything in a day. Oh, how I really wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. …

When life slowed down for all of us, we found ways to be more productive. A lot of people turned to nature to relieve stress and boredom. That’s when the gardening craze “plantdemic” started.

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From the time when the pandemic started and cities have been placed on lockdowns and quarantines, almost all of us stayed home. I say almost because our health workers and front-liners still needed to be out doing what they do best, which is caring for the sick. These frontlines are also making sure that we, the rest of the population, are safe from contracting the virus.

Life changed and slowed down for all of us. We started to appreciate the little things more. Something that we do not usually do when everything was fast-paced and we needed to hustle to…

Today, I have learned about the importance of being in a higher vibration.

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I was uncertain what this exactly means so I dug into this subject more and was amazed to learn the benefits of being in a higher vibration. Let me share it with you here on Medium.

“Good Vibes Only.”

I always see or read this phrase on social media sites, usually together with a picture of a happy family group of friends, or a person enjoying time outdoors. I never knew the depths of this phrase until today.

Vibe is a shorter term for vibration. Everything around us including ourselves is made of energy. In my son’s Science lesson today…

Thank you so much for reading. I really appreciate it being a newbie here.

JJ Sum

JJ Sum is a wife, mom of 3, and an online ESL tutor. Shares stories about life experiences as a mother and a wallflower and anything worthy to share.

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