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Learn and laugh with me

I signed up on Medium in late February this year and started writing in March. It was introduced to me by Elvie Lins, a Top Writer in Photography.

Looking back, I totally had no idea.

Here is a list of what I did. And did NOT do.

  1. I only read an article or two every day.
  2. I followed only those who followed me. There were eight at first.
  3. I did not write at first.
  4. I did not care much about earning.
  5. I thought Medium is the same as starting a Youtube channel and if you are not creating unique content…

Pros and cons: nuclear family and extended family

What defines a family differs from country to country, depending on a variety of factors. This includes their practices and financial habits. Family members usually live together, but this isn’t always the case. Over the last 50 years, the family structure has shifted dramatically.

For instance, in the Philippines, a lot of families still choose to live together. It is not surprising for us to see two to three generations living together under one roof.

One reason is, many Filipinos still practice the cultural trait called utang na loob, which means helping someone or raising a child creates a feeling…

Especially to those who think their lives are done

I just watched Nightbirde’s audition at America’s Got Talent and was instantly moved by her story.

Who is Nightbirde?

Her real name is Jane Marczewski. She is from Zanesville, California, USA. She is a singer with a very comforting voice and a songwriter who writes intelligent and motivating songs.

What made her stand out from the others?

Jane has been fighting cancer since 2017. She was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer but because of her strong fighting spirit and positive personality, she was able to win the battle

However, her positivity was challenged as she suffered from cancer again.

I consider these my core life lessons.

I have been a self-employed or telecommuting mom since 2013, though I worked from 2018 to 2020 in the office full-time. How time flies! My youngest son was only two years old and I was breastfeeding him when I started to venture into the world of telecommuting.

The journey is definitely not easy especially with young toddlers in the house. Especially with little boys!

However, along my journey, I learned lessons that I consider valuable not only as a mother but as a person.

Defining Top Priorities Is Important

When the pandemic started, a lot of companies resorted to remote work as strongly urged by…

But we set clear boundaries

I rarely hang out with friends these days. In fact, the last time was in December of 2019, when we gathered for our yearly Christmas dinner. Even years before Covid happened. As soon as I started my own family, I already know who and what my priorities are.

My husband is the same. He stopped drinking with friends and never goes anywhere without letting me know.

It is not that we are getting choked in this relationship. …

A poem about a narcissist leader

She used to be an inspiration
We could not see her domination
So soft and kind
Or we’re just blind

A lot of us adored her
Among all, she’s the better
She talks smart
Like a work of art

She used to care for the helpless
Naked ones, she helped them dressed
Sickly people
Needy and all

She became more radiant
Always in the front
She is there

Power was vested upon her
Unstoppable, moreover
Climbed up the highest ladder
And the fun game is over

An uncontrollable human
Always in the number one
A mad queen
Her heart so thin…

I imported my article from another blogging and social media website

I had no idea what to write when I first become a Medium Partner member and I also did not quite understand how to use this platform.

So I imported an article I wrote three years ago from another blogging site called Steemit. That is why the published date says December 7, 2018, instead of March 6, 2021, which was the day imported, enhanced, and repurposed.

Looking back, I only had 8 followers and some of them are not active members of Medium.

But I was surprised at how it still get to earn $0.06! LOL

The article was about…

A mother’s worst nightmare!

Most of us may have heard of baby switching cases but not many of us have seen such a devastating situation in reality.

Growing up at my grandma’s, we used to watch TV dramas together with my siblings and cousins.

Most of them were about poor and rich families whose babies were switched at birth.

Usually, it would have a storyline that goes like this.

One child grew up with a wealthy family but ungrateful and always look for something she could not even understand, and another grew up in a slum area yet always satisfied with the little that…

And we did not even know it.

Hello, June! Goodbye, May. Goodbye, Summer.

Well technically, my country does not have a “summer” season as it is a tropical one. We only have a dry and rainy season.

In the Philippines, the hottest months of the year are March, April, and May which is probably the reason why the school year begins in June and ends in March of the next year.

Therefore, April and May are what we call the “summer season”. A season when mothers like me make every effort to plan for the best summer escapade to spend with kids. A time when I take…

I bit off more than I could chew.

I signed up for the Medium Partner Program last March 2021. I could only write 3 short stories plus 4 more stories which I imported from my Steemit account.

JJ Sum

A wife, mom of 3, & a TEFL certified tutor. I write about Mothering, Family, Relationships, Remote work topics, and Trending matters.

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