A wonderful experience for my family

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This story may be too late for the season but I would like to write down our great celebration of this past Christmas.

It is our family’s tradition to spend Christmas at home, either in our house or we go to my cousins’ and spend the eve by singing karaoke…

The family with complexities that are present to many families anywhere in the world.


This Disney movie was released in November or December 2021 but I only got the chance to watch it during the Christmas break and I was enchanted with the idea that it is a Disney family movie. Perfect to watch with my sons!

Disney’s Encanto: A Magical World

Encanto: A Magical World tells the tale…

Especially in spending money.

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Many of us, if not some, aim to succeed in our new year resolutions. We feel very committed to doing every single thing in our list and even diligently write them down on our daily journal.

However, people, including me, fail to succeed even before the first month of the…

The Philippines’ Real-life version of “Orphan” Movie

Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 from Pexels

On December 10, 2021, the happy days of the passionate, smart, and loving teens, Crizzle, 18, and Crizzule, 16, came to an untimely end when they were ruthlessly murdered inside their own home in M’lang, North Cotabato, Philippines.

The bloody crime happened in broad daylight, at 2 in the afternoon…

The Author’s Purpose

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When writing, the first thing we think about is, of course, our story. What story should I write today? On Facebook, we are asked, “What’s on my mind?”

We would always want our story to have an enticing headline followed by a convincing subtitle. …

A poem about giving value to trivial things

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An eighty-two-year-old woman, struggling to breathe
Twenty-four hours of oxygen extended her life indeed
The next day was a gift of life.
For the first time, she could appreciate the sunlight.

The doctor released her soon, up from her death bed.
He gave her the hospital bill that made her life…

A come-back post

The photo is mine. I took this selfie before going out to get some groceries.😅

Hello, everyone! My name is JJ. Not really my real name but most of my relatives and close friends call me it.

I started writing on this platform several months ago. Admittingly, I am not a good writer but I am trying to work better every time. In fact, I…

JJ Sum

A wife, mom of 3, & a TEFL certified tutor. I write about Mothering, Family, Relationships, Remote work topics, and Trending matters.

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